Clothes for the first date: how to choose so as not to scare away the companion

The first date makes each of us worry about the impression made. Indeed, during the meeting, potential partners form an opinion about each other. Initially, it is based on the appearance of the interlocutor, so it is important to carefully prepare for the event so that the meeting is not the only and last one. Consider how to choose clothes for a first date.

Think about the details of the upcoming event

First of all, clothes are selected according to the meeting place and the planned activities. If you are going to chat with a person over dinner in a restaurant, you will have to pick up an evening outfit. If you have a long walk, it is better to wear jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers to feel comfortable on a date.

Regardless of the venue, your clothing must meet three criteria. Let's list them in order:

Dress for a first date in a way that makes you comfortable. Just because tight pants are in fashion right now, that doesn't mean they have to be worn. Wear loose jeans if you prefer loose clothing. Otherwise, you will only think about your clothes and will not be able to pay attention to your companion.

Do not try to create an image that does not match your inner self. Likewise, don't try to please a potential partner by dressing the way he likes. For example, it does not make sense for a very emotional girl to transform into an elegant lady if she loves an active lifestyle and extravagant style. In this case, the deception will quickly surface, and you will look ridiculous in the eyes of a potential partner.

Clothes don't have to be new. The main thing is that it be clean, ironed and tidy.

These rules apply to women and men. Men also need to pay special attention to socks. These wardrobe items should be combined with the color of trousers or shoes. They also must be of sufficient height.

Refresh your wardrobe if needed

Buying new things to meet with online acquaintances is not necessary. If you have beautiful and comfortable clothes, you can refuse to buy them and feel free to go on a date with what you have. If there is an event for which you do not have a suitable outfit, it is better to visit the shops and buy new clothes (for example, for visiting a restaurant or theater).

When choosing clothes, do not go in cycles in one option. Experiment and try combinations of different things to evaluate their compatibility with each other. If you find it difficult to make a decision on your own, ask friends for help and take their advice.

It will be useful to choose several options for clothing in case the weather changes. Imagine that you have prepared breeches and a T-shirt, and it has suddenly become cold outside. If the fallback is not thought out in advance, you will randomly rush around the apartment and think about what to wear on a first date so as not to freeze and look attractive.

Start preparing ahead of time

On the day of the date, you need to look at the weather forecast and choose one of the prepared sets of clothes. In case of rainy weather, you will have to think about ways to keep your outfit and shoes clean. An ordinary umbrella is enough to protect clothes, but it will not save shoes from getting wet. If you wish, you can take spare shoes with you and put them on in a cafe or other place where you agreed to meet. But in this case, you will need a bulky bag or backpack, which may not harmonize well with your image. Therefore, it is better to call a taxi and comfortably drive to the meeting point.

Be sure to wash your hair and take a shower before dressing. Style your hair in a pre-designed hairstyle. A woman will need more time for this procedure, therefore, she needs to start preparing much earlier than a guy.

Make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips. A girl needs to bring cash with her, because the meeting may not end the way you planned. You may not like the man so much that you would rather apologize and go home in a taxi.

In addition to money, you need to take care of charging your phone. Remember that you are going on a first date with a man you only know online. If he turns out to be not who you imagined, you may need help.

Common mistakes when preparing for a date

People who met virtually are very worried before the first meeting and make serious mistakes. Consider the most critical of them:

This problem is especially relevant for girls. They wear too short skirts or choose long dresses that are incompatible with the theme of the event. The same can be said about overly shapeless or tight-fitting things, emphasized modesty or defiant vulgarity. In all these cases, a man is scarcely to like your image. Most likely, he will be at a loss, especially if he represented you completely differently.

Bright makeup will make it difficult to appreciate your natural appearance. It is better to use cosmetics in natural shades to emphasize facial features. Do not lubricate the skin with a moisturizer before meeting with an online acquaintance. This cream will give your face a strong gloss.

Experimenting with hair is a bad decision on the eve of a meeting. The new look may not suit you, but you can't change it. You also need to remember that a potential partner liked you with an old hairstyle, so changing it before a date does not make sense. It will be enough to wash and style your hair. If you're a guy, be sure to shave or trim your beard.

Many people do not tolerate odors, especially if it is a sharp, rich aroma. Therefore, perfumes should be used in minimal quantities. This also applies to men. When going on a first date with a girl, carefully spray toilet water. One short press of the spray button with your finger will suffice.

Women love to wear jewelry, but sometimes they don't know when to stop. Some girls use so many decorations that they start to look like a Christmas tree. It looks ridiculous and tasteless. In addition, the interlocutor will be constantly distracted by the brilliance of jewelry and will not be able to communicate normally with a new acquaintance.

We've covered general guidelines to help you prepare for a meeting with a person of interest to you. But you also start from a simple rule: on a first date, it is better to wear something that emphasizes your strengths and masks your flaws. The main thing is not to ignore your appearance and not come to a meeting in sloppy clothes. Such an act will tell a potential partner about your dismissive attitude towards him and about your unwillingness to change anything.

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