Preparing for a First Date: Practical Tips with Examples

A romantic date is an exciting experience, especially if you are seeing a person for the first time (for example, you met online and made an appointment). In such cases, you need to think through all the details in advance so as not to be in an uncomfortable position. Consider how to properly prepare for a date and avoid mistakes.

Take care of your appearance

Active communication on a dating site does not change the first impression of the appearance of the interlocutor. Therefore, be sure to put yourself in order before meeting with a potential partner. This applies to both women and men. Do the following:

For men who want to properly prepare for a date with a girl, we recommend that you remember to shave. This is an important point if you do not wear a beard. Try not to cut yourself so you don't come with scratches on your face. Be sure to use a skin-softening lotion after shaving.

Plan your event wisely

The upcoming date must be planned in advance so as not to face unforeseen consequences. Discuss with a potential partner his preferences and come up with an interesting activity for both.

Example 1: Going to a cafe or restaurant

If you are going to meet in a cafe, choose an institution only with a new acquaintance. It must be enjoyed by all of you. You also need to clarify the culinary preferences of a potential partner. Many men ignore this issue, preferring to choose cafes and menus on their own. As a result, they bring a vegetarian girl to a barbecue cafe and feel discomfort. This will not happen if you take care of the preparation for the first date.

Example 2: Going to the cinema

Before going to the cinema, it is also important to discuss genres of interest to both. Most men don't like romantic movies about love. Likewise, many women aren't thrilled with gore fiction. Therefore, it is better to find a compromise option so that both enjoy it.

Example 3: Walk in the park

When planning a joint walk, keep in mind that not everyone enjoys many kilometers of routes. If a potential partner does not like long walks, you can walk a little along the alleys, and then chat while sitting on a bench. If the interlocutor leads an active lifestyle, feel free to plan a long route, but be sure to warn a new acquaintance about this. Especially if this is a woman who can come on a date in high heels.

The same can be said about the meeting of a girl with a guy. If the young man knows about the upcoming long walk, he will come in jeans, trainers or sneakers, and not in leather shoes and a suit.

Get your time and money right

Never be late for a meeting without a good reason. This also applies to girls who consider being late the norm. You will look irresponsible and narcissistic in the eyes of a potential partner.

Therefore, preparation for a date with a man must necessarily include a preliminary study of the route. Look at the distance on the map and calculate the time you need to travel. If it’s impossible to arrive on time due to unforeseen circumstances, call the guy and ask him to wait.

If you are a girl and going on a date in a cafe, be sure to bring cash with you. Perhaps your new acquaintance will pay the bill in full, but you should not demand this from him. The virtual interlocutor sees you for the first time and does not owe you anything, so it would be better to offer at least a part of the amount. If a man wants to pay himself, he will refuse your money.

Consider topics for conversation

During the first meeting, it is difficult to keep up a conversation, even if you have been corresponding on the site for a long time. So try to remember interesting stories that will help you avoid silence. Also, preparing for a date may include compiling a list of questions for the interlocutor.

Ask a potential partner about his hobbies, favorite movies or music. Invite him to recall fascinating moments from his childhood or other events that left deep impressions. By discussing these stories, you will have fun and avoid awkward pauses.

First date mistakes

The most dangerous dating mistake is constantly talking on the phone and sending messages. Remember that you have come to a meeting with a new acquaintance and should pay attention to him. If during communication the phone constantly rings, then you are more interested in a gadget than a potential partner. Therefore, it is better to turn off the sound generally so as not to annoy the companion.

Another mistake is negativity in the conversation. No need to complain about others, work, prices and other life moments. Build phrases positively and with humor so that your new acquaintance wants to meet again.

The recommendations discussed here will help you prepare for the first date and feel comfortable during the meeting. If the interlocutor turned out to be not what he looked like during online communication, it is better to immediately refer to urgent matters, apologize and leave.

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