Online dating sites: what to look for in 2024

Online dating has become commonplace with the invention of computers and mobile gadgets. People find future spouses, lovers, and even just pen pals online.

The number of dating site users is growing every year. In 2024, it is estimated in tens of millions of people, if you count around the world. The number of sites is growing also rapidly, so you need to choose a portal for communication very carefully.

Moreover, many resources are developed by scammers to steal personal data, blackmail, and extortion. Consider the main issues that you need to pay attention to when looking for a dating site and when using it this year.

Site security

The security of the service is primarily indicated by the presence of registration with verification. If you are offered to find a partner without registration, then it is a fake page created to sell intimate services. If users register and confirm their identity by phone, then they have a real opportunity to meet other people.

Another sign of the safety of a dating site is the presence of moderation. Checking profiles by the administration greatly reduces the risk of encountering scammers.

To ensure that you avoid an unpleasant experience, register on sites that have existed for more than a year. They definitely won't be scams. Such Internet resources are always at the top of search engines and have a large audience. An example of such a site is RusDate.

Number of users and their average age

The more people registered on the site, the higher your chances of finding a future partner. But here you need to focus on the age of the site too. If the portal is new, and many profiles have already been published on it, you should not trust this resource. Most likely, the owners of the site have increased the volume of the audience, since no one wants to register on an empty page.

If there are a lot of live people on the site, estimate their average age. Usually, on large portals, you can find users of all ages, but on some resources only young people predominate. If you belong to a different age category, it is better to look for a more suitable site.

Availability of support

While using the site, you may encounter conflict situations with other people. In this case, the solution to the problem will depend on the actions of the administration. Also, the help of the support service will be useful if you have any questions about the functionality of the site or have difficulties using it.

Paid or free access?

In 2024, there are both paid and free dating services. Completely free resources look more attractive in the eyes of the user, as they absolutely do not require investment. But sites with paid services also have advantages. First of all they are:

On the Internet, there is a high risk of encountering a gigolo or a girl looking for a rich "sponsor" (in reality, she may even turn out to be a man who will ask you to transfer money). Such people register on free portals and look for new victims. If it will be necessary to pay for the publication of the profile, the fraudster will not do this. So, all users who have paid for access really want to find a partner for a serious relationship, otherwise they would not spend money.

On the other hand, if you are looking for easy flirting online, one-time meetings, or online friendships, it is better to look at free sites, because it is unlikely that anyone will pay for such entertainment.

On some portals, paid access applies only to men. These sites are beneficial for women but do not protect men from fraud.

The best option in 2024 is Internet resources with free access, but with additional paid services that can be ordered at will. For example, you can pay for a VIP profile, which allows you to always be at the top of the search and use other features that are not available to a regular subscriber.

Convenient interface

A large audience does not guarantee successful dating. If the site is inconvenient to use or there are very few filters for searching for candidates, you will quickly get tired and go to another site. Therefore, pay attention to the number of settings and the design of the portal. The design should be visually pleasing and conducive to a long pastime.

Availability of a phone app

In 2024, the PC version alone is no longer enough. People are more likely to access the Internet through smartphones and tablets. If you have the app, you can check your messages at any time: on public transport, during a coffee break at work, or in other situations. In addition, the presence of a version for phones guarantees a wider audience, since it is also more convenient for other subscribers to communicate through a mobile gadget.

Basic recommendations for filling out the dating profile

So, you have found the best dating site, registered, and are going to fill out a dating profile. Approach this issue seriously, since the desire of other users to write to you will depend on the data entered. Stick to the following rules and you will quickly find potential partners:

Otherwise, it all depends on your ability to present the necessary information. Try to write with a touch of humor to keep readers interested. Fill out all sections of the dating profile, and you will have the first interlocutors very soon.

Rules of conduct on the site

Communication with interesting people draws novice users of dating sites. Beginners can swipe pages with profiles and write messages for days, forgetting about time. You shouldn't do this if you don’t want to abandon all important things and completely “move” to your favorite portal. Come to the site periodically, but do not spend all your free time on it.

Also, be sure to remember that in 2024, a large number of new fraudulent schemes have appeared. If you do not want to suffer from the actions of intruders, follow 4 simple rules:

These rules will help you protect yourself from fraud in all forms and enjoy communicating with other people. Write messages, reply to inboxes, and you will find a partner for a serious relationship or for romantic meetings and spending time together in the near future.

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